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Monthly Average Exchange Rates of the Naira (Naira Per Unit of Foreign Currency) - 2014
Month January February March
DAS/WDAS (USD) 157.29 157.31 157.30
IFEM (USD) 160.23 163.62 164.61
BDC (USD) 171.71 169.45 171.50
POUNDS 256.59 257.81 258.95
EURO 212.10 212.72 215.39
CFAFr 0.32 0.32 0.33
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DAS/WDAS = Dutch Auction System/Wholesale Dutch Auction System, IFEM is Inter-bank Foreign Exchange Market, BDC is Bureau de Change
DAS/WDAS exchange rate from August 2005, include 1 per cent commission
Facts : 7/1/1959
PHYSICAL EXPANSION:The CBN former headquarters in Marina Lagos was opened and began full operations in banking and curency activities only.
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